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Papers from Postdoctoral Research  |  Papers from Ph.D. Research

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Majumdar, S. J., D. Hoffmann, E. E. Ebert, and B. W. Golding, 2024: Bringing the Value Chain for High-Impact Weather Warnings into the ClassroomBull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., Under Review.

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Millet, B., S. J. Majumdar, A. Cairo, B. D. McNoldy, S. D. Evans, and K. Broad, 2022: Exploring the Impact Of Visualization Design on Non-Expert Interpretation of Hurricane Forecast Path.  Intl. J. Human Computer Interaction

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Hansen, K. A., S. J. Majumdar, B. P. Kirtman, and M. A. Janiga, 2022: Testing Vertical Wind Shear and Nonlinear MJO/ENSO Interactions as Predictors for Subseasonal Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Forecasts.  Wea. Forecasting, 37, 267-281.


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Papers from Postdoctoral Research

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Papers from Ph.D. Research

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