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Group Alumni (and Friends)

Ph.D. Alumni

  • 2021: Dr Kurt Hansen. Exploring Sources of Sub-Seasonal Predictability of Atlantic Tropical Cyclones.  (Co-advisor: B. P. Kirtman).  Now an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey.
  • 2020: Dr Lisa Bucci. Assessing the Utility of Doppler Wind Lidars for Tropical Cyclone Analysis and Forecasting.  (Co-advisor: R. Atlas).  Now a Hurricane Specialist at the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center.
  • 2019: Dr Yi Dai. The Effects of Outflow-Environmental Flow Interaction on Tropical Cyclones.  Now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • 2017: Dr Pete Finocchio. The Structure of Vertical Wind Shear in Tropical Cyclone Environments: Implications for Forecasting and Predictability.  Now a Meteorologist at the Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey.
  • 2014: Dr Will Komaromi. Tropical Cyclogenesis: Dropwindsonde Observations and Predictability.  Now a Meteorologist at the Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey.
  • 2014: Dr Ting-Chi Wu.  Understanding the Influence of Assimilating Satellite-Derived Observations on Mesoscale Analyses and Forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Track and Structure.  Now a Research Scientist at RIKEN Data Assimilation Research Team.
  • 2013: Dr Marcus Van Lier-Walqui. Inverse Modeling to Quantify Microphysical Parameterization Uncertainty. (Main advisor: T. Vukicevic).  Now an Associate Research Scientist at Columbia / NASA GISS.

M.S. Alumni

  • 2014: Jason Godwin.  Environmental influences on structure of Hurricane Irene.  Now a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service, Fort Worth.
  • 2010: Will Komaromi.  Influence of assimilating satellite data on numerical models of tropical cyclone structure.  Continued to the Ph.D. degree.
  • 2010: Munehiko Yamaguchi.  Initial condition sensitivity and dynamical mechanisms of tropical cyclone predictions, using ensembles and singular vectors.  Now a Senior Researcher in the Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency.
  • 2007: Kathryn Sellwood.  Predicting the influence of observations on 3-6 day forecasts of winter weather.  Now a Research Associate at the University of Miami / CIMAS / NOAA Hurricane Research Research Division.

B.S. Alumni (senior theses advised)

  • 2022: Cameron Masiello.  Rapid intensification in tropical cyclones.
  • 2022: Zachary Michael.  Annual Variability of the North Atlantic Main Development Region.
  • 2022: Sav Olivas.  Public response to Hurricane Ida's remnants.
  • 2021: Alison Walker.  Environmental influences on African Easterly Wave development.
  • 2020: George Rizzuto.  The influence of ENSO on tropical cyclogenesis from African Easterly Waves.
  • 2016: Kelly Flanigan.  Sea level rise in South Florida.
  • 2014: Kevin Rodriguez.  Evaluating tropical cyclone size.
  • 2013: Jeremy Berman.  Errors and biases in medium-range hurricane track forecasts.
  • 2013: Jonathan Labriola.  Ensemble and statistical predictions of tropical cyclogenesis.
  • 2012: Eric Jenks.   Ensemble predictions of hurricanes.
  • 2009: Peter Finocchio.  Evaluating multi-model ensemble forecasts of hurricanes and typhoons.
  • 2009: Corey Walton.  Satellite estimates of hurricane intensity (main advisor: C. Landsea).
  • 2007: Michael Hernandez.  Synoptic influences on Katrina (2005) prior to landfall in South Florida.
  • 2005: David Kofron.  Targeted observations to improve forecasts of winter weather and extratropical transition of tropical cyclones.

Former Postdocs / Assistant Scientists

  • 2008-11: Dr Eric Rappin (co-supervised w/ David Nolan).  Tropical cyclone initialization.
  • 2008-10: Dr Laurent Cherubin.  Coastal ocean ensembles and adaptive sampling.
  • 2004-05: Dr Daniel Hodyss.  Understanding the influence of observations in global models.

Former Visiting Students

  • 2009-10: Dr Shin-Gan Chen (National Taiwan University, main advisor: C.-C. Wu). ETKF and ensemble-based sensitivity for tropical cyclones.